About Platinum Peak Advisors

Company Overview

At Platinum Peak Advisors, our mission is to help clients align their financial choices with their most deeply-held goals and values, focusing on the places where wealth intersects life. We go beyond the technical aspects of wealth management to help our clients discover that wealth is more than money.

Through our unique process, The Living Financial Roadmap™, we help our clients change lives in profound ways. We help them to secure their financial futures, see clearly the vision of the life they desire, realize their dreams and pass along lasting legacies to the people and causes that are dear to them.

Independent Platform

Platinum Peak Advisors is independently-owned and thus, not tied to any one company, product or provider. As your financial advocate, our primary goal is to design the optimum plan around your life and wealth needs. Only then do we present alternatives for implementation in a strategic versus product-driven context. Our role is to guide you according to the priorities you establish by helping you and your advisors select, tailor and integrate the appropriate strategies and tools for each phase of your financial life.

Through our independent relationships with market leaders such as ValMark Securities, Schwab Institutional and others, Platinum Peak Advisors has superior access to the industry’s top echelon of global resources.

As your personal advocates, we bring together the necessary resources based on your unique needs and deliver them with objectivity and a level of personal service that is unsurpassed. The result is a comprehensive array of services, strategies and tools for addressing the complex requirements of wealth.

How Our Services Can Benefit You

  • We explore income enhancement and expense reduction possibilities to enhance your lifestyle
  • We design risk management strategies to protect the people and things that matter to you
  • We develop a customized investment program, professionally approached to optimize your risk/return tradeoff
  • We determine tax minimization strategies to free up cash for spending and investments
  • We review your estate plan; reduce taxes and target beneficiaries to direct the transfer of wealth on your terms
  • We define and prioritize your financial goals to articulate your expectations
  • We organize your financial information to reduce uncertainty and stress

Our Clients

We serve individuals, families and entrepreneurs who:

  • Are successful and busy
  • Are transitioning from one phase of life to another
  • Are able to delegate to a trusted partner
  • Are collaborative
  • Have complex financial circumstances
  • Have a family net worth of $1 million to $100 million
  • Have strong ties to family and community and an interest in philanthropy
  • Value long term relationships

The clients we serve are often affected by life events such as:

  • Ownership or sale of a business
  • A change in marital status
  • Retirement and the desire for financial independence
  • An inheritance or windfall
  • Senior executive issues
  • The need to fund children’s/grandchildren’s education
  • Special circumstances



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